I Disconnected from Facebook

Way back when Friendster and Myspace were still the hit social network, I stumbled upon Facebook. I was into joining every social places online, (even including a high school musical forum, oh olden days!) that I had a Facebook account way before it took off into mainstream social media. Internet was different then, it wasn’t used to the extent that we use it now. Back then, I knew of blogs as diaries and not as businesses. And now, the Internet really has changed- everyone from the babiest of babies to the oldest of the oldies know how to click, drag and send.

Daydreaming of the Beach

Brrrrr. It has been really cold out lately and the colder it gets the more I yearn for the heat. I never realized how much of a summer person I am, really, until I moved here to Invercargill last year. It’s weird because for someone who grew up in a tropical country, one would think I’m so much into summer. Honestly, I think that’s the reason why I appreciate a country with four seasons. I used to think I was a winter girl, then I realized I didn’t like the bundles of layers and still freezing. I, eventually, fell in love with autumn for its balance of cold and hot. But man, I tell you, the cold here in Invercargill is almost unbearable by my tropically programmed body. So I yearn for… well, for anywhere with nonstop sunny days, really. Well, this post is just pretty much going to be about my yearning for summer and sand.

(Edit: I was not paid to say this… My bad. Just a collab)

Wearing: Vest, my work  /  Crop Top, The Warehouse  /  Leather shorts, Glassons  /  Sunglass, gift

5 Classic Movies and its Costumes I’d Watch Over and Over Again

Who knew a stormy night can bring inspiration? I just got home from an event and was suppose to finish my essay, but, instead, I find myself filling in the gaps I made in the blog this past week or so. The wind is too strong and the rain tap-tapping continuously on the roof tonight. Times like this I always find myself putting on an oldies/classic movie and the rain’s forgotten. It made me want to share my favorite oldies/classic movies that makes me want to transport back to the era it’s set. For an easy read today, I thought I’d share a list of these movies and hopefully -fingers crossed- I find someone who shares the same interest.

White Button Up Loose Shirt

This trend has come and gone for a while now but somehow it works so well on me that I decided to make it part of my uniform. Previously, I’ve been so obsessed with all things white that I must have accumulated plenty of them in my wardrobe. I don’t wear much of it now, though, since I’m veering towards color. But a good old white loose shirt is just perfect for those days that I need something to throw on, be out the door and still feel stylish. I often pair it with a black jeans or trousers, shorts when it’s hot out or a colorful mini skirt to add a bit more character. For now, though, to illustrate my usuals for the autumnal season (which will be over soon), I paired it with a trusty black jeans and my ever favorite black leather. I’ve also included a video on this, too! Just keep reading more if you haven’t seen it yet!

PS. Taking a picture on timer with no space is far out difficult! Huge respect to all those bloggers who do it all on their own and still make amazing content. I hope I still made a pretty okay picture.

Wearing: white loose shirt, thrifted  /  black jeans from Glassons  /  black leather jacket from Mimi, thrifted

The Importance of Gratitude

Photos were taken by Reg
Edit by me

There was a time in my life where I did nothing but say thanks. From the moment I woke up in the morning to the moment I shut my eyes to sleep and everything I do in between. No exaggeration included. It became my lifestyle. That was also the best time of my life, as if everything was the way it should be and more. However, when things shifted for me: I was surrounded with negative workmates, busy streets, and overwhelming piles of work, while wanting and wishing to have a different life, I fell into the darkness of complaints and regrets. Suddenly, it felt difficult to be thankful, especially since I convinced myself that life was not worth thanking for. After all, why would I be thankful for being empty, right? Well, I was wrong. Turns out, we all should be thankful to ourselves, God, the universe or life (whichever you believe in), that we are privileged enough to experience anything that will help develop us to be the best versions of ourselves, no matter what the circumstances are.

Wearing: floral top, thrifted  /  midi skirt from Glassons  /  black sandals by Pulp via Hannah’s

Rebranding Intentions

In the beginning, when I started The Black Stilettos, I intended for this site to be my journey to ‘finding’ or ‘creating’ my lifestyle. As soon as I made that leap towards the fashion industry by taking a fashion degree, I somehow fulfilled that first intention and I now dedicate my life into the craft. I don’t know how far I’ll get to in the industry, or where exactly I will be in the future. All I know is that, my life has been found and I am no longer lost. Finally. I no longer wonder what if, but, instead, I find my self saying “I am” and “I will”.

In saying that, I feel like the blog is also moving towards a different direction. No longer am I wandering in life in my black stilettos. I am moving in life… in more colors than I imagined. So, what now, really? I don’t exactly know what the plan is except that I want my blog to focus on topics about my personal style (still), creative side of fashion design (and eventually the business side), mental issues, studies/career, travel, and lifestyle.

I am still making decisions for the future of the blog. Right now, I just wanted to make a heads up, especially if you’ve read the blog. I guess, it’s a natural part of the process, an exciting part of the process. And I’ll start with making a better schedule that will fit what is an already busy lifestyle. So the blog will be on a working hiatus, thus why I have little to no posts here and there. I will still make posts as I work on the rebranding, but don’t be surprised of the many changes that will occur. More updates as I make more decisions.

Future of Fashion Documentary with Alexa Chung

Before I settled in the fashion design degree this year, I’ve always had plenty of options to study to get myself in the fashion industry one day. I tried events management in the hopes of producing a fashion show, and communications to be a brand’s marketer or public relations officer, or journalism to one day work at a magazine. Any of these could have given me a gateway to the industry, but in the end I decided I might as well jump into the deepest end of the fashion industry from ideas and concept to the business by taking the fashion design course. However, if design is not your thing but, like me, really want to be part of this enormous industry, Alexa Chung presented at a documentary produced by Vogue that simply explains the various sides of the industry.

Future of Fashion is my new documentary obsession. It’s free and easily accessible via British Vogue’s Youtube Channel. I wanted to share it in the blog because I believe it is a documentary worth watching for anyone wanting to get into the fashion industry beyond the creative side. I love that, in this series, there’s so much to learn within an hour. I love documentaries like this where one person takes on a whole journey, kinda like those food and travel documentary series on cable. Somehow, fashion doesn’t have it in this sense. It made me realize that there really is so much more to fashion than just adornment. Anyway, have a look and let me know in the comments what you think!

What I Wore at my First Fashion Show

Attending my first fashion show is probably one of the most exciting things I ever did in my life. Since fashion is one of my major interests in life, I count this as a milestone. I’ve always wanted to come see one, but the closest I got was backstage at New Zealand Fashion Week in 2014. Okay, touching the clothes, dressing models and actually be part of the event is far more exciting that just watching a ten (or something) minute show. But sometimes, just seeing a garment be worn is simply satisfying to my fashion bones. Watching a show at the iD Fashion Week motivated me to keep working and learning so I can come to a point where my designs reach the public.

What I Wore: Shirt, Thrifted  /  Blazer, gift  /  Pants, Glassons  /  Shoes, Truth or Dare via Hannah’s

My First Sewing Project

Photo by Mico

It never occurred to me that I’ll acquire the skills of making my own clothes, let alone design them. But, I’ve always wanted to. I remember days wishing I could use the (super old school) sewing machine my nanny used to have. It had always been an idea I entertained but never really tried because of the costs it comes with. It may be late compared to other fashion designers who have had years of experience before interning, working for others or studying. But nothing’s too late when it comes to passion. I am still thrilled and proud I made my first step towards the fashion industry (no matter what time and age). So needless to say, the first sewing project I ever did was last year… In class.

Top mine  /  Shorts, Glassons  /  Shoes, Pulp via Hannah’s

I launch a Youtube Channel, and why

Have you ever felt like you think you’ll be good at something but just too scared to know you’re actually wrong? Have you ever wanted to prove yourself right? You know, that you really are good at something? Have you ever felt like you really just need to do something just to shut your brain up? I felt it twice. First was when I decided to study Fashion Design. And second was recently when I decided I’ll join the Youtube Crowd. It has been a long time coming since I first thought about doing one. Mid last year was when I entertained the idea, but it’s only until last week that I jumped into it.

It’s scary. Mostly because of my past experience in trying things but never working out. It sort  of defined how I decide on things: thinking about doing something but never doing it. I always had an excuse to not do anything, but this time I had more excuse to actually DO IT rather than not. It’s my first year in my fashion degree at Souther Institute of Technology here in Invercargill and it felt as though it became my first step into the fashion industry. I really want to be able to document this moment, whether it’s just a three year thing or a lifetime, and see how I progressed and grow in the industry. Also, I really want to practice designing and I realized, having a Youtube Channel is a great outlet for it. And, I have to be honest, I really love watching what people had to say on their channel.

What surprised me most is that I actually enjoy the process. As soon as I got my fear out of the way, the talking came naturally. And I feel as if there’s so much to learn in the craft. Blogging had always been my outlet ever since I learned to make websites. However, writing and taking photographs, I discovered, aren’t exactly my strength. I still love it, don’t get me wrong. But I guess the moving around and doing something is more me. And I can make fun of myself more on moving pictures and editing than on photographs. Deep breathe. Lots of learning. Nonetheless, it made me become more serious with my blogging game. So we’ll see. Hope you watch my videos!